Ordeal on Gamma Elster IV

Starting Off

In the year 2371, the civilizations of the Alpha Quadrant have taken their first tentative steps into the Gamma Quadrant. The Bajorans, now free from the Cardassian yoke, have established the colony of New Bajor. Federation vessels have begun to explore Gamma Quadrant space, and one of them left a team of scientists on the planet Gamma Elster IV to setup a research station there.

But the winds of war have also begun to stir. The previous year, the Odyssey was ambushed and destroyed by three warships manned by the Jem’Hadar, the shock troops of the Dominion, the vast empire that controls almost all of the rest of the Gamma Quadrant. By the end of the year they will destroy New Bajor and purge the Gamma Quadrant of all non-Dominion presence. Within two years, the Dominion and their Cardassian allies will attack Deep Space 9, officially launching the cataclysm known as the Dominion War.

Now, however, Starfleet has dispatched your ship, the Olympia, to check in on the research station at Gamma Elster IV and deliver supplies. When you beam down to the planet, you find catastrophe. Jem’Hadar are swarming through the station; you see flashes and swirls of motion and the still bodies of Federation citizens scattered on the ground. Without waiting for orders, your comrades draw their phasers and open fire. Somewhere behind you, you hear the Olympia’s Executive Officer say something that sounds like a quip about "another quiet day in the life of a Starfleet officer….


JeremyButcher JeremyButcher

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